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Far Mountain Vineyard in the fog

Dramatic Sites. Dramatic Wines.

We believe that some of the greatest potential and individuality for wine in California – and anywhere in the world – exists in isolated pockets in the mountains of the Sonoma Valley.

Remote. Awe-inspiring. Pulsing with beauty. If you have walked in the mountains of the Sonoma Valley, you know the feeling: warm sunlight filtering through groves of redwood and oak. The mellow golden fields of grass. The coolness in the breeze, an echo of the Pacific.

The scents that you seem to absorb through your skin. The theater around you is so immense, yet you feel the scene is intimately yours. You linger because you don't want to come down.

You will not happen to drive by the vineyard sites that we work with and, in some cases, you will have trouble even finding them on a map. They are each tucked away and part of a greater environment, with both extreme beauty and extraordinary winegrowing characteristics that have us shaking our heads in wonder every time we set foot.

We are so proud to share with you wines we believe add a layer to the conversation around wine in Sonoma and California.

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Dramatic Sites. Dramatic Wines.

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