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Mai Errazuriz and Rodrigo Soto and the Far Mountain Vineyards

Our Story

Our moniker, Far Mountain, describes the vineyard sites we work with and the greater settings in which those vineyards lie. There is a beautiful symmetry in these places, in that they are not only special sites for wine growing, but places we are physically drawn to because of their splendor.

We wish we could take everyone who tries our wines and bring them up, for example, to Bald Mountain. It is truly one of the beautiful places on this planet, a place that for four decades we have passed within 3 miles of on a nearby road but never had an inkling existed. Those last 3 miles took a lifetime to travel, but from the first visit that place gave us the same sense of elation we've felt traveling around the world and coming upon other areas of extreme beauty. A hyper awareness of the physical present, of the sound of shoes on dirt and stones, of the direction of the wind.

In that sense, the name Far Mountain also represents a journey for us. It came about because of an almost far-fetched opportunity that we dove into without second thought. And it's a new journey now, seeking to make wines that bring that sense of wonder that truly great wine can achieve - a pure physical pleasure, and also a summation of place, experience, planning, and chance.

Over the last three decades, we have worked for a number of leading wineries in North and South America. A last minute dinner in Napa with longtime friends led to a deep discussion about the direction of wine in California. The discussion was more than deep; it touched on life values, and for a group obsessed with wine, led to a series of questions. And like that, we started.

We are so proud to share these wines with you.

– Mai Errazuriz + Rodrigo Soto

Dramatic Sites. Dramatic Wines.

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